Tuesday, September 2, 2008

JYP's 2AM - I wish them a big success!

It is a group of 4 men. As you know, Jo Kwon is the oldest trainee in JYP as like Sun Ye in Wonder Girls. Other three members are: Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon and Lee Changmin.

JYP has debuted 2AM and then will debut 2PM. There is a rumor that he will make a 11 boys group with 2AM and 2PM.

Since most of them have long experience as trainees, I wish them to make a big success!

In this music video, Jo Kwon cries because he had a flash of his past life on practicing real hard.

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  1. seriously?? i thought it was something serious.. like he had to fight through a disease.. sighs. i don't think this song is very good.. it had typical lyrics.. the melody is cliche... and i think people just feel bad that it took so long for them and they're bumping them up. i know hard work is something to appreciate but if this is the best they can come out with, they won't last very long.