Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Epik High - Pencilsharpner

Monday, April 28, 2008

Iriver vs. iPod

I know that iPod is pretty much every young person's symbol now... but

personally I think people just want to get an iPod because everyone has it...
(kinda of 'peer pressure'.. eh??)

I don't have an iPod... instead I have a Iriver Mp3 player!!

This is my mp3 player... Pretty cool eh??? It has 6GB of memory and it can play
music, pictures, videos, FM radio and you can play flash games with it...!!

Also you can change the Mp3's background... You can easily download the backgrounds on the web... Some of it are moving backgrounds~~

This E10 may not look better than an iPod... however I don't see any reason why this Mp3 player is not better than iPod in function-wise.. and all...

Kim Bap - Not a Japanese sushi~!!!!

What is it??? HINT: THIS IS NOT A SUSHI... !!!


I don't like people who think this is the same as Japanese sushi.....WRONG!!!

I'll remind you again.. This is Kim-Bap... one of Korean's favorite food!!!

I think Kim-Bap has more vegetables (or items) than Sushi...

Korea's LG and Samsung has 25% of the World's cellular phone market

Our proud two brands... SAMSUNG and LG has 25% total in the world's cell phone market.

On April 29th, SA (Strategy Analytics) announced that Nokia has 40.9% then Samsung takes up to 16.8% and LG has 8.6%.

Motorola and SonyEricson decreased to 9.7% and 7.9%.

People predict that Samsung can beat Motorola and become the first in North America.

I hope that comes true!!!! :) I am proud of Samsung and LG~~~

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Epik High - Umbrella

This is the song of Epik High's Umbrella...!!

Youn-Ha featured in this song... You can hear Youn-ha and Epik High's harmony~~~


Epik High's New Album!!!

Yay!!!! Epik High published their new album "Pieces, Part One"

It contains 18 tracks...

01 Be
02 Breakdown
03 Seoul, 1:13 AM (Short Piece)
04 One (Feat. Ji-Sun)
05 Pencilsharpner (Feat. Kebee)
06 Girl (Feat. Jin-Bo)
07 Slave (Short Piece)
08 The Future (Feat. Yankie)
09 20 Fingers (Short Piece) (Feat. DJ Friz)
10 Ignition (Feat. YounKwon Na)
11 Eight by Eight (Feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY)
12 D├ęcalcomanie
13 Icarus Walks (Short Piece)
14 Fallen Flowers
15 Umbrella (Feat. Younha)
16 Your pieces (Feat. Ji-Sun)
17 B-Side 01 : Breakdown (Supreme Mix)
18 B-Side 02 : One (Planet Shiver Remix)

Their title song is Number 4 : ONE...

It is really good... I am obsessed with it rite now...:)

This is the music video of ONE

Good luck EPIK HIGH!!!

Rain (Bi) - Speed Racer

Do you guys know about the movie that will come out on May 9th?

Well, it is "SPEED RACER" by the Wachowski Brothers.

It is based on the Japanese anime "Mach GoGoGo".

The main stars are: Emile Hirsch
John Goodman
Christina Ricci
Susan Sarandon
Matthew Fox

In this $120 million budget movie, there is our Korean star!!!! Rain!!!

He is a famous Korean singer well-known in Asian countries such as China, Korea(obviously???), Taiwan and so on.....

Even though he is not a main character in this movie... he certainly is one of the racers who race against the main character and one of the important opponent racer... (u no wut i mean???)

Other than this movie, Rain is announced to be the main character at Ninja Assassin which will come out in 2009!!!!

Look at him going!! :P

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Koreans going aboard

A simple question, How many of you guys have Korean friends? If you do, how many?

There are many Korean students going aboard to English-use countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

There are three main reasons for why they study aboard.

1. They do not like the Korean education system.

2. They seem to have no future in Korea. (ESCAPING FROM KOREA)

3. They want to learn English.

4. They want to compete internationally.

Personally, I came to Canada because of number 1 and number 4.

I think there are more reasons but I can only think these 4 reasons...

Wonder Girls

Group name : Wondergirls
Group member (Left to Right) : Sun Mi, So Hee Ahn, Sun Ye Min , Yoo Bin Kim, Ye Eun Park
First of all, they are so young!!!The oldest person, Yoo Bin Kim is only 19 and the others are 15 and 18 years old.
Wondergirls debuted on Feb. 10th, 2007. The debut song is "Irony"
Down below, it is the music video of Irony~~ with English Sub!!! :) Enjoy

While they were working on stages with this song, many sad accidents had happened. Their former member, Hyun Ah dropped out this group. Also, Wondergirls had a car accident, too. T.T

Wondergirls was not that famous until their biggest hit song called "Tell Me". This song brought a really huge success to Wondergirls. Everyone have tried to learn the song's choreography since it is really easy and fun!!! (EVEN men have....)
This is the music video of "TELL ME" it is really catchy.. at least I think... :P

After their huge success in Korea, Wondergirls are now expanding their field to other countries such as China and the U.S. Recently, Wondergirls implied that they might expand their field to the U.S; they attended Jin Young Park, their producer's concerts in the U.S.