Saturday, August 30, 2008

Samsung & iRiver vs. iPod (Apple)

Just until a few years ago, MP3 market was in the grip of South Korean companies, such as iRiver and Samsung. However, as we all agree, Apple, dominates the MP3 market in most of regions.

But still, Apple cannot top in Korea, and here is a reason.
"Koreans do not think about designs of MP3 players, but also functions as well."

And I believe the reason for the iPod's success is the smartest way of marketing.

iPod has become an icon that young people (at least in North America) should have. It functions as a fashion icon, too.

However, iRiver and Samsung, they only believed that they could win the market with high technological skills and creative designs. Which means that they did not put a mind to people that their MP3 players are necessary to live (sort of in a sense).

In addition, Apple's iTunes was another great marketing success, so that even more people have become to use iPods.
However, iRiver's iRiver Plus 3 and Samsung's unknown music studio were clear failures. Only users of iRiver and Samsung's Mp3 players use these softwares.

Because of these clear differences, iRiver and Samsung and many other well-going companies had to yield their profits to Apple.

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