Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sun Mi leaves Wonder Girls?

I don't like to begin my first 2010 post with a very depressing news, but it is reported that Sun Mi will leave Wonder Girls.

On their official English website, www.wondergirlsworld.com, an official statement from JYPE is up.

Sun Mi had a truly amazing experience in the U.S. with opening guests for the Jonas Brothers as well as performing their hit single 'Nobody' on So You Think You Can Dance. However, she often thought about pursuing her academic career. (Those of you don't know, Sun Mi quit from her high school to come over to the U.S..) After a lengthy discussion with her family, JYP, Wonder Girls members and herself, she will return to Korea and prepare to go to university.

JYPE commented that they will support her with vocal and dancing lessons when she wants to come back to perform, but it is unlikely that she will return as a member of Wonder Girls.

Honestly, I am very upset about all of this. I respect Sun Mi's decision because hey, I am same age as her and can totally understand her wish to pursue her academic studies. However, I hate the fact that JYP replaced Sun Mi's position with a new member named Lim. How is it possible? When I first read the news, I was just thinking that Sun Mi would return to Wonder Girls after a year or so, but replacing her permanently?! I simply couldn't take the fact.

I'm sure I'm not the one who's feeling like this. C'mon, Wonder Girls cannot be the same Wonder Girls without any of the 5 members - Sun Ye, Ye Eun, Yoo Bin, So Hee and Sun Mi. No offence to Lim, 'the new member', but this is the truth.

The new member 'Lim'

Wonder Girls' Korean fan club is very shocked about all of this event, and posted what they will demand from JYPE regarding Sun Mi's leave. One of them is that when Sun Mi returns, she will talk to her fans directly and explain exactly why she is leaving. Many fans are suspicious that she might be forced to leave Wonder Girls because similar events have happened before in JYPE: Hyun Ah and Jay Park's leaves.

If Sun Mi's really leaving, I just hope that she explains to us the real reason of the leave.

Monday, September 7, 2009

What to Pack to Korea? Watch this Video!

If you are a foreigner who is wondering what to pack to Korea, this video is perfect!
In a previous post, I introduced a great Youtube channel that is run by a Canadian couple : Simon and Martina. Well, they made this very informative video of 'What You Should Pack to Korea'. If you watch this video, you will get at least a glimpse of ideas to pack your stuff.

To summarize their video, they suggest to pack these items:
(1) Clothes (if you are big)
(2) Deodorants (because they are expensive to buy in Korea)
(3) Magazines (because they are expensive to buy in Korea and they are usually months old)
(4) Ranch sauce...(if you like)
(5) Bed Sheets
(6) etc.

Thanks to Simon and Martina who have created this awesome video!

Enjoy and learn!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Where is Korea?

Few months ago, I learned that many foreigners do not have any idea where Korea is located. I am writing this post to show the location and surroundings of Korea.

Credit: http://www.koreaaward.com/kor/282

So, here is the map of Korea. As many of you know, Korea peninsula is divided into North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is a communist country and South Korea is a democratic country. North Korea's capital and the largest city is Pyeongyang. South Korea's capital and also the largest city is Seoul.

Koreas are surrounded by Yellow Sea, East Sea and South Sea. As for countries, North Korea borders with Russia and China while South Korea is close to Japan (across the sea).

I hope you know now where North Korea and South Korea are located on earth.