Thursday, September 4, 2008

Samsung's Haptic phone - Good or bad?

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Haptic Phone or W420 series in South Korea, has been the spotlight in the cell phone market.

Before it came out, there was a great amount of interest about this Haptic phone among many people.

After it came out, these people have divided into two opinions: Haptic phone is good or bad. People who think it is bad consider that haptic's price which is over $700 in U.S. dollars is too expensive.

Key speculations are:

2 Mega pixel camera

Video call

3.2 inches QGVA LCD

Micro SD


Full Browsing Internet


EQ selections

Weight: 108g

Color: Black

This is the video that shows User Interface for Haptic phone.

In my opinion, Haptic is fun to use with. What I mean by that is, it has a bit different system of touching screen, which is Haptic technology.

Therefore, I wanna say that Haptic is good regardless of other minor flaws.


  1. Do you know the frequencies this phone operates on?

  2. I have this phone outside of korea and you can`t put music and videos, so It`s kinda useless for me.