Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wonder Girls

Group name : Wondergirls
Group member (Left to Right) : Sun Mi, So Hee Ahn, Sun Ye Min , Yoo Bin Kim, Ye Eun Park
First of all, they are so young!!!The oldest person, Yoo Bin Kim is only 19 and the others are 15 and 18 years old.
Wondergirls debuted on Feb. 10th, 2007. The debut song is "Irony"
Down below, it is the music video of Irony~~ with English Sub!!! :) Enjoy

While they were working on stages with this song, many sad accidents had happened. Their former member, Hyun Ah dropped out this group. Also, Wondergirls had a car accident, too. T.T

Wondergirls was not that famous until their biggest hit song called "Tell Me". This song brought a really huge success to Wondergirls. Everyone have tried to learn the song's choreography since it is really easy and fun!!! (EVEN men have....)
This is the music video of "TELL ME" it is really catchy.. at least I think... :P

After their huge success in Korea, Wondergirls are now expanding their field to other countries such as China and the U.S. Recently, Wondergirls implied that they might expand their field to the U.S; they attended Jin Young Park, their producer's concerts in the U.S.

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