Monday, April 28, 2008

Iriver vs. iPod

I know that iPod is pretty much every young person's symbol now... but

personally I think people just want to get an iPod because everyone has it...
(kinda of 'peer pressure'.. eh??)

I don't have an iPod... instead I have a Iriver Mp3 player!!

This is my mp3 player... Pretty cool eh??? It has 6GB of memory and it can play
music, pictures, videos, FM radio and you can play flash games with it...!!

Also you can change the Mp3's background... You can easily download the backgrounds on the web... Some of it are moving backgrounds~~

This E10 may not look better than an iPod... however I don't see any reason why this Mp3 player is not better than iPod in function-wise.. and all...

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