Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rain (Bi) - Speed Racer

Do you guys know about the movie that will come out on May 9th?

Well, it is "SPEED RACER" by the Wachowski Brothers.

It is based on the Japanese anime "Mach GoGoGo".

The main stars are: Emile Hirsch
John Goodman
Christina Ricci
Susan Sarandon
Matthew Fox

In this $120 million budget movie, there is our Korean star!!!! Rain!!!

He is a famous Korean singer well-known in Asian countries such as China, Korea(obviously???), Taiwan and so on.....

Even though he is not a main character in this movie... he certainly is one of the racers who race against the main character and one of the important opponent racer... (u no wut i mean???)

Other than this movie, Rain is announced to be the main character at Ninja Assassin which will come out in 2009!!!!

Look at him going!! :P

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