Monday, August 31, 2009

What I learned from doing 'Korea Week'

Korean 1 to 10! It was interesting to watch my friends try to say numbers in Korean

One of my friends was writing someone named Danny in Korean. This was really popular and many people even teachers liked to see their English names in Korean.

Korean Snacks Exhibition.

My french teacher and I made this wall with stuff that I've got from VANK. Thanks VANK!

Okay, so the pictures above basically show how the Korea week ran through in my school (located in London, Ontario, Canada).
We had 3 events organized: Korean snack exhibition, teaching Korean and watching the movie 'Host' (Gwoemul). The first two events were quite successful. Many Canadian friends enjoyed learning Korean and eating various and delicious Korean snacks. However, the movie did not work out as expected. Only few people showed up to watch it and due to lack in time, we could not finish the movie.

Despite this, I believe these Korea week events went through better than I expected, considering it was the first time I've organized something huge. After all, a lot of people in my school got to know at least something about Korea and its culture.

There were a few sad things that I've learned from Korea Week.
First of all, a considerable number of students did not know the difference between North Korea and South Korea.
Next, many of them thought Samsung, LG and Hyundai were Japanese companies.
Finally, majority of them did not have any clue where Korea was located.

As a Korean, I was shocked by these FACTS. But, I am glad I found out that Canadians knew very little about Korea. Now, I have a mission to make every Canadian know about Korea. It may take a very long time to be achieved, but if no one starts, it will never be done. I need to start this mission.


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