Thursday, August 27, 2009

[Experience in Korea #2] Naksansa

Last summer, I went to Naksansa with my family.
Naksansa is a korean Buddhist temple which is located in Yangyang, Gawngwon Province.

Unfortunately, most of the temple has been burned out in April, 2005. The construction to restore the temple buildings is still in process, and it looks like 1 more year would be needed to complete it.

Beside the sad mishap, the temple is located near the East Sea (not Sea of Japan!), which creates a composure of wind, and a beautiful view.

Here are some of the pictures that I have take from the trip.

Image of the burned Naksansa site (depressing)

Great place to see the fantastic sea!

Buddhist statue of Haesugwaneumsang : goddess Gwanseum-Bosal.

I am proud of this picture (personally of course! :))

Pictures of Temple

a temple that's being reconstructed...

This picture shows how the restoration has been going on

Beautiful and mysterious pattern & design

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