Friday, August 14, 2009

[Experience in Korea] #1. Insadong

Insandong is an area where one can buy souvenirs and experience unique Korean cultures (mostly traditional).
Geogrphically, Insandong is located in the Jongno-gu district in Seoul.

Last year, I visited this place with my mom to take a look how it was organized.
It was more like a long street with many pathways along.
At the time of the visit, I saw many Japanese people due to currency fluctuation and some other various races.

There were many traditional restaurants and souvenir shops.
Starbucks and other foreign stores were located there as well.

Here are some pictures that I have taken from the visit.

Overall: I think Insandong could be improved in conformity with its fame. What I meant to say is that the street was rather dirty and empty. I can see a little disappointment in foreigner's eyes when he/she arrives there with huge expectations.
In addition, there could be more events to attract visitors.

Nonetheless, it is an awesome place to experience Korean culture!

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