Monday, June 23, 2008

Korea's Protest Against U.S.A. Labelled Beef

Koreans have been protesting against importing beef, which is 30 months old, from the U.S.A. to Korea.

If you don't know about the problems with 30 months old cows, let me tell you briefly.

Most of 'Mad Cow Disease's have been found on 30 months old cows. In addition, even U.S.A. and Canada residents do not eat 30 months old cows. They either purchase cows from Australia or eat less than 30 months old cows.

These are why Koreans are so upset. How come we should eat these risky beefs, even though Americans do not eat them? We can't trust these beefs.

As days go, the number of people protesting against it, is increasing.

Since I am in Canada, I can't feel how it is like in Korea. However, my heart is in the field where people are fighting over their rights.

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