Monday, June 23, 2008

Brown Eyes Has Come Back!

Yay! Brown Eyes has come back! They made us wait for a very long time. Everyone was inspired with their songs, especially, "Already A Year" and "Bit By Bit".

Now Na-Ul and Yoon-Gun, grouped together and published their 3rd album called, 'TWO THINGS NEEDED FOR THE SAME PURPOSE AND 5 OBJETS'.

It has 13 songs, and they are:

1. Your Eyes

2. Don't Go Don't Go

3. Like A Flame

4. This moment, Like this

5. Because of You

6. Let's Get Down

7. Summer Passion

8. Piano Nocturn (Piano Version)

9. Don't You Worry

10. Say Love

11. Let it go

12. One Step

13. Ruach

(14. Bonus track - Don't go Don't go (Instru.))

All of them are really great, but personally I like two songs, 'Like a Flame' and 'Don't you worry'.

By the way, I hope you guys buy this CD, because all of the sales income will be contributed to the charities!!!


  1. Wow, i feel so out of the loop... just randomly ended up passing your blog and like wow... brown eyes are back?! woo, they should have never broken up in the first place. anyways, i'm definitly gonna buy their new album...

  2. haha~ I am glad that you got something informative from my blog~
    Anyway, I am pleased to hear that you are gonna buy the CD.. :)

  3. i love Brown Eyes so much ^^

    .: Ochie Latasha Diaz :.