Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yu-Na Kim Becomes the Queen on the Ice [World Figure Skating Champions]

Yu-Na Kim has won the World Figure Skating Championships 2009 on March 28th in Los Angeles. Her score was 207.71 points (76.12 from the short program + 131.59 from the free skating program).

In the past, Yu-Na Kim has suffered injuries and bad physical conditions, which resulted in poor results on the competitions. However, she had the best conditions at this competition and managed to win the gold medal.

The second place went to a Canadian Joannie Rochette, who scored 191.29 points.
The margin between the first and the second places is more than 16 points, which is a huge gap.

Yu-Na Kim has also become the first female figure skater who ever achieved more than 200 points in the international figure skating competitions. (Mao Asada has done it once, but it was in Japanese competition).

Here is the video from Yu-Na Kim's short program. I will upload the free skating program as soon as I find one.

Congratulations Yu-Na Kim.

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